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Environmental Review

Much of the analysis to date has studied potential impacts to the human and natural environment in the project corridor. The project's required Environmental Assessment (EA) identifies whether impacts would occur as a result of the project, and if so, how DOT&PF will avoid or mitigate impacts. 

The final EA,that was released on December 6, 2016, studies two potential alternatives: a No Action Alternative (leave the road as-is), and a Proposed Action Alternative. Improvements discussed on this site and in project materials represent the Proposed Action Alternative. 

In addition to identifying alternatives, the EA studied a variety of topics, including noise, fish and wildlife, wetlands, cultural and historic resources, socioeconomics, air quality, and more. Given the complexities of this project area, several specialized environmental studies, such as beluga whale considerations and tidal impacts, also occurred. You can read about many of these comprehensive environmental studies in the draft EA in the project library.